Vidfly Review

After reviewing a page builder tool for video service providers last week, let me also showcase a counterpart for vendors and affiliate marketers today. I'm talking about Vidfly. If you do affiliate marketing and/or sell your own products, you have to checkout this cool app. Here's my review and demo of Vidfly...

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Cham Altatis

Cham Altatis is a professional video editor who also jumped in the internet marketing world. He is also teaching video marketing online.

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Didds - October 18, 2016

Tell me please,
How do you add SEO to this so you are able to rank the page on Google ?
Is this even possible to do ?

    Cham Altatis - October 18, 2016

    Yup of course it’s possible. You just have to follow the standard SEO rules like using your target keyword as the subdomain in the url. Although, to be honest, I personally don’t do a lot of SEO these days. FB ads are a lot faster and easier, and is the way to go if you ask my opinion 🙂

Didds - October 18, 2016

I think its rubbish and it would never outrank Youtube in a google search.

Can you provide proof of sales from using Vidfly please ?

    Cham Altatis - October 18, 2016

    I agree but again, it’s not impossible. But as I mentioned in my first reply, running FB ad campaigns is a lot better. But rubbish? Not really for me. The easy video page and channel creation itself is worth it. About the proof of sales, this is still a brand new app and I’m still about to use it in promoting the products in a real world. The ones I showed in the video are still not yet promoted, but my main my goal in doing the demo is to show you the potential of the usage of the app in selling some affiliate products without having to create a video yourself (though you can always use your own video if you want to as well). I understand though that this product is not for everyone, and that’s the reason why I’m showing to you my own review for you to have a good decision whether it’s for you or not. Thanks!

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