Video Builder Review – All-in-one Video Creation App?

I got an early access to Video Builder, a brand new web app that allows you to create and edit 3D animated videos, live action videos, and even video graphics and animations (intro, outro, lower thirds, text animations).

This looks great, but before hundreds of marketers out there will exaggerate things by telling you that this is "a jaw-dropping app"​ and what not, make sure to watch my HONEST review so you'll have a good decision whether this is something for you or not...

HURRY! Early Bird Pricing Expires Very Soon...

Like what I said in the video, the time I did my review, they are still doing some updates with the app. I'll gonna update you with the bug fixes soon but here are the pros and cons I found so far...


1. No need to install anything and you can use it anywhere

It's a web app, and you can login wherever you are in the world (as long as there's an internet connection) and edit your videos.

It's in the cloud so you'll not need a powerful laptop or desktop whatsoever. You not have any problems with compatibility as well.

2. You can create both live action videos and 3D animated videos

It's my first time to see an app that combines the creation of 3D and live action video editing in a single app.

There were some animated video creation apps out there that also allows the addition of live action videos but with just limited features in editing live actions.

3. Comes with stock videos, images, audio, and 3D characters

Buying stock elements for your videos can be costly but you might not have to do that here. Inside the app, you already have access to high quality videos, images, audio, and even 3D characters.

4. There's a timeline!

I'm pretty sure almost no other reviewers will mention this but I know by experience that having a time in video editing platform is very important.

And I'm talking about clean timeline where you can add multiple tracks.

Explaidio 3 also just added a timeline but it's still not so good for me.

While it still needs some improvement, I like the way they designed the timeline in Video Builder.

4. You can import your own materials (video, image, and audio)

I always encourage my students to record their own videos instead of just relying on ready-made stocks and templates.

While stocks and templates can be useful, you ALWAYS have to record your own videos if you want to have a unique professional output that stands out.

4. You can create 3D talking heads with text to speech feature

I'm not really a fan of using 3D characters as talking heads but this can be useful for some. 

The text to speech feature also still sounds robotic to me but might be fine to use in some occasions. But of course, you can always record your own voice over or use a narration you got from a voice over artist. When uploaded, they voice over will automatically sync with the lips of the character.

4. It's fairly easy-to-use

I did not watch any tutorial whatsoever when I jumped into the software but I was able to learn how to use it immediately.

But you're probably thinking, that's because I'm a pro video editor. Well, I do believe that even if you're a beginner, you can still be able to learn how to use this easily. There's also a complete tutorial on how to use it so you'll not have any problem here.

And compared to Explaindio, which has a somewhat confusing interface, Video Builder has a better and cleaner dashboard design.


1. Some features are still buggy

The time I'm writing this, I found some bugs such as the intro/outro and text animation clips don't play when added to the timeline, and the adding of texts is not working well.

Again, they are still updating the program and I hope those things will be fixed soon.

I already reported these bugs to the developers and l'll soon update you once they get fixed.

UPDATE: The logo upload for intro is now working but it's saying it won't play in the timeline but it will play well when rendered.

Live action video editing is now working fine as well!

2. Importing live action video clips can take some time

But this is also probably because the app is still not hosted in a fast server when I did my review. Let's see once they transfer this to a better server.

3. Text to speech feature still sounds robotic

So if will use the 3D characters, better record your own narration or hire a voice over talent to do it for you.

After seeing those pros and cons, you might be wondering if you will get this or not. For me, once those bugs are fixed, this will be an amazing piece of app!

Still, you don't have to wait for the app to become perfect before getting in because it's a great idea to avail of the EARLY BIRD discount.

This way, you can lock in your license at the LOWEST price possible today.

So just get it now and don't worry about the bugs so far because I'm pretty sure they are going to fix it very soon.

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