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To earn your FREE spot inside my Beta course, here's how to apply..

Upload a 2-min (or less) video to Youtube before Dec. 21 @11:59PM EST, answering the following:

1. Your name.

2. A little bit about your business (including what's working now).

3. Share your business goals (be specific)

4. What do you think is getting in the way?

5. How do you think Cham's training can help you?

6. What is the #1 thing you would want to have or experience by the end of this Beta program?

Use this title "Cham's Beta Scholarship Video Entry; Your Name" when uploading your video to Youtube.

Yes, you can upload your video as UNLISTED (but not PRIVATE).

Submit your name, email address, and link to your Youtube video to before December 21 @11:59PM EST.

I am only selecting between 20-25 Beta users.