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WHY is this Important?

I've been a victim of hacking multiple times and I can tell you how hard it is when you face such situations. And even if I'm a pro when it comes to video and graphics, I'm not really so technical about site backups, restoration, and what not.

So when my site (no longer exists) got hacked a few years ago, I panicked and didn't really know what to do. ​My hosting provider support staff told me a lot of things that was really hard for me to grasp, let alone implement.

Because of that, I restored my blog posts and pages manually - man, that was really painstaking!​ Only to find out that in just a few months, the site got hacked again. I think the hacker left something that I don't know how to remove. So instead of going over and over again to manually restore my posts, I gave up the site completely.

I also gave up that hosting account and transferred to the hosting I have today. I thought that problem stopped but this particular site itself also got hacked when it was still in a shared hosting. 

My hosting provider representative recommended a site where I can avail of a plan to secure and backup my site. However, I have to pay another monthly fee for it so I declined. I rather transferred my hosting from shared to VPS to have a more secure server.

Things are a lot better now but there were still times when I almost lost my site files when they did an update. Good thing it was backed up in my previous shared hosting account.

The lesson here is, it's ALWAYS a great idea to backup your site files. However, if you're like how who's not so techy with all these confusing stuff, it can be really hard.


Thankfully, we now got SiteSync!

Here's a complete demo from Neil on how EASY it is to backup, download, and restore your websites using this app with NO monthly fees whatsoever!...
SiteSync Walkthrough


Sales Page Creation Training 

This is one of the videos inside my signature program - Video Thrive Society.

But you can watch this training if you get SiteSync from this page today!

Cham Altatis

Cham Altatis is a professional video editor who also jumped in the internet marketing world. He is also teaching video marketing online.

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