My First Blog Post Here!

Okay, so if you happen to be reading this, this is actually my very first blog post in this site. I’ve been creating lots of sites a few years back but most of them were discontinued. This is the site that I now wanted to continue forever (I really hope).

So Who Am I And What’s this All About?

Good thing you asked.

Well, last month (today is June 2016 so I mean last May), I was lucky (though I also worked hard on it) to partner with Neil Napier in releasing my very first product – Video Rubix. With the help of his team KV Social (which I’m now also a member), Video Rubix became the product of the day in JVZoo in May the 16th.

It was a really great and humbling experience for me. Releasing the product was the hardest week of my life online (I have to sleep like 4 hours a day) but it was also the time when I earned the biggest amount of payday! I learned a lot throughout the process and I was opened more about the possibilities online.

Actually, I’ve been planning to release a product for a long time already, but for some reason, it was always not pushed through. Ironically, when I now have a family and I’m now so busy, an opportunity came. It took me a while to finally do it but at least it finally happened.

Leveraging My Skill

My skill is on everything about videos, and I discovered it 10 years ago, way back in college. We had a video project and my teacher and classmates were so amazed with the video I did. At that time, it was just for a school project and I never thought that one day, it can bring me success online.

Well, I’ve been through different jobs like school staff and call center agent, but the highlights were when I worked as a video editor in a TV station. It was a really tough job but I learned a lot from there. I also worked as a video editor in a weddings and events video coverage company for quite some time, until I worked freelance, offering video services both offline and online.

I started learning about internet marketing in 2011, from a membership site that I was paying $47/month. Paying my membership at that time was tough for me but it was really worth it. My eyes were opened about online opportunities I never knew before.

I capitalized from those experiences and created course about how to edit market videos more professionally. I created the course because I see the lack of good training on video creation for marketers. If there’s any, they are so expensive.

Although I got discouraged by one of the beta testers before, the feedback I got from the students who enrolled to the course is really amazing…

What’s Next?

Well, for now, I’ll continue to share lots of goodies to Video Rubix students. In this site, I’ll be reviewing some great video creation tools that might come out in the market as well. In the near future, I’ll be creating some more products with Neil and I’m also planning to create my own membership site here. Check that out soon…

So there you go, thanks for reading my very first blog in this site. Make sure to come back often as I’ll be sharing a lot of great things about video marketing to you soon.

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Cham Altatis

Cham Altatis is a professional video editor who also jumped in the internet marketing world. He is also teaching video marketing online.

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