Demio Review

I decided to jump into this webinar thing and I was looking for the best solution I can use to get started. I was considering GotoWebinar and Webinar Jam but Demio caught my attention. I applied as a beta tester and the following video shows my experience in using it...

My Demio Review in Black & White

What I Like...

1. Simple and easy to use

- I'm pro in creating videos but conducting a live webinar is all new to me so I wanted a simple and easy to use platform. This is it!​

2. Sleek minimalistic design

- I like simplicity and I always do it when I edit videos and graphics. The design of Demio is perfect for me.​

3. Wonderful support

- Demio's support might be one of the best that I had. They were there as "humans" and really spent time to resolve my issue. ​Their team is really committed in helping their users.

4. Result stats

- This might be a feature that most webinar platforms don't have. Not that I'm expert in other platforms, but I tried doing a webinar with some partners and as far as I know, GotoWebinar and other well-known solutions out there don't have these detailed features that Demio has.

Few Issues I Experienced...

I ran into some tech issues when I started my first webinar but the support team was so helpful. I still had a few issues in the latest webinar I ran but that's because I didn't know what I was doing as a presenter - still have to practice more in running a webinar :)

Demio is a simple webinar platform that you might wanna use. It's a great platform ran by a dedicated team. Get it from this page and have the following bonus...

My Exclusive Bonus

Cham Altatis

Cham Altatis is a professional video editor who also jumped in the internet marketing world. He is also teaching video marketing online.

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