Cham Altatis

Cham Altatis is a professional video editor who also jumped in the internet marketing world. He is also teaching video marketing online.

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John Hipsley - July 8, 2016

I found the video very appropriate in its statement of general principles and guidelines for purchase. I also liked to hear of the future training on using video for Facebook and other social media platforms which is an area of interest that most marketeers will have. Just knowing that is coming soon made the video enjoyable. I like to hear of new learning opportunities.

It is helpful to have a professional remind us to use tools we are already familiar for applications which are most common to current needs. For example I use PowerPoint for many presentations and I continue to find new ways to use its extensive functions. I disagree with people who say PowerPoint is boring or it is limiting. On the contrary it is a very useful tool in capable hands. The problem is that it is misused because it is so easy to use.

I use Camtasia and I know that this is a good tool and will remain my editing software of choice. So Cham’ validated my preferred software while assuring that it is not necessary to purchase some of the other software tools that may produce a better result;. “Better” requires competence and the trade off is often times not worth the additional effort required to acquire that competence.

On Cham’s recommendation I purchased Viddyoze. I could have purchased from half a dozen other internet marketeers but I like the way the information is presented.

I did not purchase Toonvidio because I did not see its potential as compared to something like Toon Boom Studio which does great 2D animation; but to do “great” animations on Toon Boom Studio will require competence which I do not presently have. Maybe I will put forth effort and maybe not. I might end up purchasing Toonvidio simply because it is easy and will introduce that look of animation which will increase the engagement with my learning videos. The recommendation of a professional helps in that decision process.

I enjoy learning from educators who like to share their ideas. Yes, we are in business to make a profit and we want every communication to be practical. Even so, we can glean ideas from each other whether simple or complex; and we need to discern as we learn.

    Cham Altatis - July 9, 2016

    Thanks for the detailed reply John! Comments like this is what I need in creating contents for this site. At least I’m happy that people like you are getting what I wanted to impart in the video. Was a bit disappointed after reading Burt’s comment above and I also began to ask myself if I might have failed to deliver the message properly. But this reply made me realize that I think I did, at least to some people 🙂

Tzvi Harel - August 2, 2016

Hi Cham,

Thanks for presenting & sharing your video with us.

John, there are many great video tools out there. Each one with its own strengths & weaknesses. Some have robust editing options and some are all about animation.

The important thing here is to create a video that your audience will like and will be engaged with. That’s why there are many video services out there — One requires a walkthrough while the other need an animated presentation. And so forth.

There are of course other factors to consider, so make no mistakes — Video marketing, much like other advertising methods, is a game of trial & error. Only through constant testing of your narrative, your audiences, user experience and really listening to your customers’ feedback, you will be able to come up with the results you’re after.

We at Slidely, helped users to create over 50 million videos and we leveraged our expertise in user-friendly content creation, to develop PROMO ( – A groundbreaking new video service.

With Promo, businesses can enjoy our lightning-fast, simple-to-use video service at super affordable prices. We have a library of nearly 2 million video clips to choose from. It is 100% free to try and it is a perfect fit for businesses who are after expanding their marketing objectives in the shortest time possible. Although I’m biased, I highly recommend taking it for a spin. (

Cham, John – It will be great to know what you think about our new service. Any feedback will help! Thanks 🙂

    Cham Altatis - August 2, 2016

    Thanks for dropping by! Checked your service and it’s a great tool to play around with. Love the available stock videos as well. I’ll play around with it more in the coming days…

      Tzvi Harel - August 2, 2016

      Great hearing that Cham and thank you for your feedback! 🙂

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