AdReel Review

I just tested using this web app that allows you to create short social videos easily in just a few minutes. These are the kind of videos that are great for grabbing attention from social media places.

And unlike other short video creation apps out there that are more on creating cheesy cartoon videos, Adreel allows you to make HIGH quality slideshows with a copy guide for the texts you will add. Watch my full demo to see how easy it is to use this app...

Proper usage of the videos you create inside AdReel

While it's really easy to create short social videos using this app, I wanna make it clear that the videos you create here are not intended for product demos and the likes. If you're creating videos to demonstrate something, you SHOULD create live action or screencapture videos.

These "Adreel videos" however are very useful in capturing the attention of your target audience from social medial sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you are in the Ecommerce industry for example, you can create a short video showcasing the products you are selling and then run a video ad campaign on Facebook. You can then retarget those people who viewed your video and then sell products to them that they are very interested to buy (I have an exclusive bonus for this).

Pros and cons?

From my test, I'm happy that the app worked really smoothly and I did not run into any bugs whatsoever. It's very easy-to-use and I did not have to watch the training videos for me to learn how to use it. Even someone who has zero experience in video creation can easily learn how to use this app.

The only "flaw" (which is not a big deal) about the app probably is that, the audio is cut abruptly at the end of the video and I just hope there's a way to fade it out within the app.

Other than that, I think it's well developed and I highly recommend it!​

Grab Adreel from this page and get the following EXCLUSIVE bonuses...
FB Video Ad & Retargeting

The EASIEST way to get the attention of your target audience from Facebook and then retarget them with your offers that they can't resist!

List of HIGH Paying Clients

Tired of getting low payment from the services you offer? Stop offering services to those low paying clients. Here's a list of HIGH paying clients whom you can offer your services and charge MORE!

And the following general bonuses...
VideoSuite Monthly Stock Video

To allow you to create better videos with AdReel we're giving you access to our monthly video asset club so you can get the exact video assets we use in our business.

VideoSuite Monthly Stock Audio

To allow you to create better videos with AdReel we're giving you access to our monthly audio asset club so you can get the exact audio assets we use in our business.

AdReel Local Ad Pack

The AdReel Local Ad Pack gives you the images to add to the custom temlates to instantly create niche AdReels for clients in 7 niches on top of your standard AdReels.

YouTube Ad Mastery

Inside this training you will learn exactly how to set up YouTube Ads so you can quickly and easily deploy your AdReel videos on YouTube and start getting traffic.

Facebook Video Ads Mastery

Inside Facebook Video Ads Mastery you will learn how to set up FB Video Ads so you can start getting cheap, quality video traffic from Facebook straight away.

VideoSuite Play Button Creator

In 2017 Wistia found putting a video image inside the email gave a 40.83% increase in click-through rates, so we made a tool that allows you to create shockingly effective email video images.

VideoSuite Spoiler Box Creator

The spoiler box creator can increase VSL sales by 73% by adding video spoiler boxes underneath your VSL without having to have any photoshop skills. Just use our custom built software.

VideoSuite Thumbnail Creator

The Thumbnail creator can boost video views by up to 10% by quickly and easily creating video thumbnail images that make your videos stand out from the crowd and get clicked.

Cham Altatis

Cham Altatis is a professional video editor who also jumped in the internet marketing world. He is also teaching video marketing online.

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