4 Best Ways to Earn From Videos

With so many ways to earn from videos taught by video marketing gurus out there, it’s somewhat hard to determine what should you follow. Chances are, you have been buying different video marketing trainings and tools that came out during the last months. However, with all these products you have, you might still struggle to earn a considerable amount of income from your video marketing efforts.

As someone who tried almost every way to make money from videos, let me now share to you the best ways according to my experience. I’m not saying you should exactly follow me, but I just want to share my experience, for you to have some basis in determining the best video marketing strategy that works for you…

Create Your Own Video Training

Last May, I released Video Rubix with Neil Napier, and we generated over $25,000. Although I was able to earn considerable amount of income from my other video marketing efforts, releasing my own video training has been the best thing I ever did. Aside from a great fulfillment I got, it also gave me my biggest payday!

But while releasing my own training let me earned well, it was also the hardest thing I ever did online. I have a family with a very tight schedule so recording the training videos was never easy for me. Not to mention all the technical details I had to setup before being able to release the course. This is because I hosted my training in my own site.

An easier way to release your video training is by signing up to teaching platforms like Udemy and Teachable. I personally haven’t tried submitting a course in those places but I know some people making good money from them.

Also, I have to mention that teaching is actually not for everyone. I became successful in my first training product because I really love teaching and I taught a skill that I know I’m good at – video creation. So before even jumping into teaching online, see to it that you have a great skill to teach and you are really into teaching. If teaching is not for you, you can checkout the other ways to earn from videos below…

Promote Your Own Business Through Videos

If you have an existing business where you are either selling products or providing services, it’s a great idea to promote it through videos. You don’t really have to hire a professional videographer for you to do this. By simply using your smartphone and create talking head videos, promoting your business is actually good enough. In fact, there are only few business owners who are doing this. So if you create videos to promote your own business, you have a great edge over your competitors.

In 2015, I helped a real estate agent, by creating a simple video of the properties he is selling. We just did simple talking heads and showed the condo units he is selling. Because of that simple video, he was able to gain a lot of buyers and had over $100, 000 accumulated commission. He was so happy that this year (2016), he asked me to join the real estate team he is creating. We just launched the real estate business a few months ago and it is surely destined to greatness! We now have lots of listings that we’ll surely promote a lot through videos.

Offer Video Marketing Services

With so many easy-to-use tools to create videos these days, you can easily make videos for clients. There are lots of small to big business owners out there who now understand the value of videos, so they are looking for service providers who can create videos for them. You can be there to provide these services and make good money.

I have been offering video creation and video SEO services since 2012 and I can say there’s a great potential in it. You can start offering these services in Fiverr, Upwork, and lots of other places. Of course you can use your own website too.

Do Video Reviews of Affiliate Products

This might the easiest way to earn from videos. Just find great products from Amazon and Clickbank that you can promote and create video reviews for them. I recommend reviewing the products that you yourself are using so that your reviews are believable.

I guess these ways to earn from videos are no longer new to you. But why is that you still struggle to earn 4 or 5 figures per month? Well, knowing things is just a piece of the puzzle. In fact, there are still a few things that you have to prepare from yourself psychologically, for you to become successful. Then you need to have an in-depth education on how things are really done by successful video marketers. After that, you need to take a consistent action to achieve your goal.

I discussed all these things in my Ebook – Your Journey to 4-5 Figures per Month From Videos. You can get your copy for FREE by signing up to the form below…


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Cham Altatis

Cham Altatis is a professional video editor who also jumped in the internet marketing world. He is also teaching video marketing online.

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